(DISCLAIMER: Most of these stories are from OHO members. These "testimonials" or product(s) should not be construed as a diagnosis, cure, treatment or prevention for any disease or physical malady. The formulae are solely intended to address the immeasurable subtle energy that permeates one's physical body. This information is provided, simply as examples of the successful experiences other members have obtained by using the formulae.

Be advised that neither this product(s) or statement(s) have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.)

"On a breast self-examination I discovered a lump in my breast. My doctor sent me for a mammogram which confirmed the lump was present. I immediately began taking the Life Force remedy provided me. Within a month the lump had disappeared and has not recurred since. That was over 2 years ago." H.Davis, Dublin, OH

"Since I have been using Life Force, I have more energy and am better able to cope with a hectic schedule. My two small children, seem healthier and their dispositions have improved. . . They sleep better at night, not waking up as often. . . A dermatologist was concerned about a purplish-brown spot above my lip and wanted to remove it. . . I used Life Force topically as well as internally, and it is nonexistent today. . . Two sore and warm, purple-red spots on my breast disappeared with Life Force topically and internally in two days. . . "floaters" in my eyes are almost gone." K.S., Westerville, OH

"Nosebleeds . . . two or three times a day . . . After taking Life Force, within two weeks I was virtually free of them . . . and now five months later I am enjoying continued good health. Thank you for such a wonderful product." Bridget, Columbus, OH

"After having had numerous skin cancers and pre-cancer spots removed chemically, by surgery and by laser I was very amazed to find that after using Life Force as directed for a reasonably short period of time that three such spots just peeled off! I am thrilled to have found it." Mary B., B. Raton, FL

"Since using Life Force . . . sharper mentally and stronger physically and more energy and an all-overfeeling of well-being. Applying Life Force topically promotes dramatic healing. We intend to keep on taking it indefinitely to keep on feeling good." H.S. & C.S., OH

"Life Force has helped me . . . . I used it in my eyes after cataract surgery. It took away the uncomfortable feeling, watering and weakness in my eyes. . . . I have a lot more energy. A fungus infection of two years and I've never had to go back to the dermatologist again. Decreased inflammation of a staph infection on an IV site. Life Force is good for many things. V.T., OH

"Every evening around 7:00 my husband would have a dry, hacking cough. He took 9-1-1 every 15 minutes and that evening it took care of the cough and it has never come back. I woke up with my body aching and weak -- flu-type symptoms. I started taking Cold Flu about ll:00 a.m. every 15 minutes, and by 4:00 p.m. all symptoms were gone." C.P., Salt Lake City, Utah

"My dad used Life Force on melanoma on his face and 2 small areas disappeared in 4 days. They just fell off." J.B., Nevada

"I purchased a 2-oz bottle of Oral Chelation from my Reflexologist because I had blood pressure over 200 and Cholesterol and Triglicerides were very, very high. I have been on medication from my doctor with no results. He was very concerned about my having a stroke. One month later I went back for blood tests and everything was normal and my blood pressure was under 160!" B.M., Boone, Iowa

"I used 9.1.1 in my eyes when they were red. They cleared up immediately. SNERF has done wonders as far as emotional. I coped, because of a strong personality, but not well, and it was continuing to get worse. Now, I want to do things - take care of myself healthwise. Now I want to diet, exercise. By using the Energy Balance and SNERF between my massage clients, I have more energy at the end of the day without feeling so tired and drained." P.G., Texas

"I hit myself with a brush while skin brushing, and the bristles directly hit my eyeball. The vision was blurred and the pain severe, so I sprayed with 9.1.1, and it cleared immediately and the pain left. The pain returned and I sprayed it again and the pain left. I had to spray it every 15 minutes for about an hour and there was only a slight pain the rest of the day. The next day sitting in the sun it started watering and hurting, and I sprayed with 9.1.1 again and my eye opened up and started draining. The pain went away again. It drained about an hour and then was gone, and I have not felt any pain or discomfort since." E.L., Lake Worth, FL.

"From my neck to my tailbone I have had nothing but trouble. The Oral Chelation helped, but when I woke up I would have to take my formulae right away. After the first three days on NeHy taking every hour on the hour, I awake with no pain, including aching muscles in my arm. The surgery in my knee from cartilage being cut is pain-free. I have had pain in my back for over a year. I now wake up feeling pain-free. The bonespurs on the bottoms of my feet were making me walk funny so my ankles would swell . I would have swelling by end of day and pain in the morning. Now that is absolutely gone and not a problem. I am wild about NeHy!" A.N., Las Vegas, NV

"I have wire-rimmed glasses. I am allergic to the metal in the glasses. It created an ugly eczema and scaling on the nose and it spread around the face in different places. I used Life Force on my face and within one day it cleared up, for the most part. There was some flaking but 80% improvement in just one day." J.M., Oakton, VA

"I have been taking Oral Chelation 4-5 times daily. My nails have never been thick all my life. I have never had good nails and keep them cut short. My nails started growing very fast, strong, and smooth. The night, muscle cramps in my legs disappeared. Using the Drainage along with lymph drainage massage, keeps the skin from drooping on my face." E.L. Lake

"I use 9.1.1 for rashes on my face and they disappear. Blisters on my fingers would dry and heal. I cut my finger on a knife, and the bleeding stopped, and pain diminished. If somebody needs to see it to believe it, 9.1.1 is the one you will see work in 4 minutes or less! When my Dad stopped doing the Life Force, SNERF and Drainage, his cancer started to spread. When he started the formulae again, he started to improve and the cancer slowed down in spreading." M.T., Bound Brook, NJ

"I burnt my wrist with a big barrel curling iron which welted up red and swollen. I kept spraying the 9.1.1 and it completely disappeared - completely gone - in a couple hours. I have used aloe vera on burns and it takes days to clear up and always leaves a scar. With 9.1.1 there are no scars! I gave it to my daughter for her daughter because she always licks her lips and they are red. She sprayed them every half hour and by the evening it was completely cleared up. It also helps the cracks of your feet." C.I., Henderson, NV

"Since I have started NeHy, if I miss other formulae I heavily rely on I do not miss them as rapidly. Because of change in job position and extra responsibilities, I was having some anxiety, but since using the Violet Flame it cuts through it in a hurry. I do not use it all the time, but when I use it, it's there." J.K.P., Las Vegas, NV

"I started suffering from severe inner leg pain, mostly down my left side, and it was in the bone and the muscle. I cramped from the top of my leg from shin to foot. I was crying and dancing and limping. I grabbed my Oral Chelation and took 3 sprays across the top of my leg, and within 1-3 seconds, my leg calmed right down. I couldn't believe it. It stopped almost instantaneously and I could walk. Three days later it cramped on my calf in the same leg. Even my electrolytes would not help. The knot would not work out of my calf, and with the second spray of Oral Chelation, the cramping immediately stopped.

"The top of my head feels like it is caving in with severe pain. I react to the electromagnetic energy/pollution. I spray the Life Force on my skull and around my face and then followup with the SNERF and the headache goes away immediately. If I spray at least 4 times a day on my head and in my mouth, I have no problems with headache pain." K.H., Las Vegas

"My client called and said, "You were right! I have to use my sprays more." She was fighting a bug and after using the sprays regularly (Life Force and SNERF), she was much more alert and a better level of energy. She used Pleursey for her lungs and it cleared right up." J.G., Encinitas, CAM

"My husband was using the SNERF and used it under his tongue. He was having a big meeting in the office. Very often there are a lot of negative feelings and naysayers. He had the bottle with him at the office and before the meeting started, he sprayed it around the room and on the conference chairs. He said it was one of the best meetings he has ever led and this was one of the meetings he was making a presentation. He was really pleased." J.W.L., West Chester, PA

"My husband was diagnosed as having basal cell carcinoma on the top of his head, his nose, and the top of his ears. He used topical cream which was by prescription only, called Efudex. It erupted the skin, his nose bled, then they healed. His skin cancer was caused from the Florida sun so they would return. He now uses the Life Force and they healed without eruption, and he even ventures into the Florida without a hat, on occasion." S.H., Florida

"I had a client who said she had pain in her jaw and teeth for about 2-1/2 weeks. She had a little bit of work done on her teeth -- teeth cleaning, etc. I told her to spray 9.1.1 all over her mouth. She called and said, 'I want you to know that 9.1.1 is wonderful. By the next day the pain was gone and has been gone since I used 9.1.1!'" J.G., California

"The Digestion has been very helpful in reducing medications I have had to use on my cats, especially for the 20 year old. The medication for real severe constipation has been reduced by more than half since using Digestion. I saw an immediate change. A vet a few years ago wanted to put my cat to sleep. The Life Force has kept the cataracts from progressing in my cat, too. Also, for myself, as long as I use NeHy 4 to 5 times a day, I have been able to reduce my other formulae from 6 to 8 times to 4 times a day with same great results. Hunger Ease also keeps my blood sugar more even and I do not get the shakes when I am hungry anymore." J.K.P, Las Vegas

"When I got off the Life Force, SNERF & Energy Balance, it took a good month for me to start going back downhill again to where I was before taking the formulae. I saw what they were really doing for me." P.G., Bullard, TX

"My husband's hands have scaly, scabby places that would not heal and are now drying up. He is using a combination of Skinergy, Life Force and 9.1.1. The one on his face has been there a long time and is getting smaller.

"I took Drainage, Life Force and 9.1.1 because I do not have tonsils and my lymphathics are always swollen, especially under the jaw. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress at work. I took the above 3 times, then went to the chiropractor for an adjustment so the formulae would work more strongly on me. She adjusted me and asked whatever did I do. My body was so loose. She hardly adjusted me and I opened up like a flower. There was no resistance. I am usually tight as a drum. I laid down for almost 40 minutes and went to sleep after my adjustment. I had plenty of energy and had to go to Guatamala the next day. I had a lot of speaking engagements and pressure. I had plenty of energy.

"My experience with children was with one child who had 60 surgeries from a shunt in the head, stomach feeding tube, etc. He came into the office and had a lot of congestion and we sprayed him with Drainage, Life Force and 9.1.1. Within about 2 minutes he fell asleep and slept for soundly for 5 minutes. When he awoke he was verbal and looking around and his congestion was gone.

"I had a 15 year old asthmatic child who has to have asthma treatments several times every day. I sprayed him with Drainage, 9.1.1 and Life Force one time. The next day his mother said she did not have to give him his treatments so early, he slept really well that night, and the congestion he had all week was much, much better." P.L., OK

"My husband has problems sleeping at night and breathing through his nose. He tosses all night back and forth so he can breathe. He started Drainage and 2 nights later I asked him how he was doing and he said he was still waking up but did not have to flip back and forth to breathe during the night. I asked him a couple nights later and he said, 'Well, I sleep all night now. Is that good or bad?!' I had a sinus headache one night and I tossed and turned through the night! He asked me how I was doing and gave me his Drainage. I started draining down the back of my throat and my headache went away and I slept soundly the rest of the night. Before dosing off my husband said, 'Where is my Drainage?' Needless to say, it works!" B.R., Rio WV

"My 38 year old son was seriously depressed from drug and alcohol addiction. I was concerned that he might start again or commit suicide because of the depression. Within 10-15 minutes after giving him SNERF, he was smiling and a different person. He even offered to mow the grass! I ran out of SNERF and his depression returned. That is why I am ordering today!" V.M., Denver, CO

"One Friday at 4:30 p.m. my boss arrived at my desk stating he would like to discuss my job status with me on Monday. I knew the contract I was working under was close to termination and very unstable. He seemed very uneasy and nervous while conversing with me. After he walked away, I decided I wanted him to inform me of the outcome that day and not on Monday since the outcome would be the same. I immediately ran after him attempting to locate him although he had left the building.

It took about one-half hour for me to break out in a rash from head to toe feeling like fire was coming out my checks. Everyone around me saw the reaction thinking my throat was going to close up next and wanted to immediately take me to the hospital. I calmly told everyone I was fine and proceeded to take my 911 formulae under my tongue, face, and body parts using every 5 minutes. It immediately took the fire out of my checks along with the burning I was experiencing as well as calming the rash down. I did sit at my desk for about 20 minutes just to be on the safe side before travelling home.

After reaching home, I looked in Louise Hay's Heal Thyself book under "rashes." It stated that rashes were a result of irritation over delays. This was right on. I developed this rash due to the irritation of delay of the news my boss wanted to discuss with me on Monday instead of Friday. This situation just shows one how the body, mind, spirit is all connected. I knew the outcome was the job had ended, which I was all right with, since I wanted to proceed full time in the healing arts field." R.W., Maryland

"Since starting Endocrine I have cut my herbs back and do not have hot flashes. I wake up with more energy. I have been out of Endocrine for 4 days and still no hot flashes." K.H., Las Vegas, NV

"Basically, I have a really bad marriage and it has kept me trapped for the past 5 years. Go Past has given me such an ability to get beyond it and get on with my life. I am using Go Past 2 sprays 4 times a day in combination with the SNERF and Stress Less." D.O., Georgia

"What has helped my son with allergies is Drainage, Life Force, and SNERF. It has made it possible for him to go outside and function. Before he had days he could not go out at all." C.L., Kentucky

"Started using the ChemKleer several weeks ago because of headaches, burning eyes, difficulty breathing - like a real, real bad case of allergies. I used it often and reduced the number of times per day to about 5 times a day. We had 3 rainy, cloudy days and only had to use it once or twice a day. Once it started clearing and more sunny days, then I had to use it more often again, but not every hour." J.K.P., Las Vegas, NV

"Drainage has really helped my colon and my liver. I am having better bowel movements and can tell by the quality of the elimination." J.N., Pennsylvania

"A client had brain tumors and the doctors had given up. She had edema and swelling on the brain with paralysis. Less than 24 hours after starting on the sprays, she became conscientious, started talking, was lucid, and got in the wheelchair. She eats on her own and is now talking about driving again.

I worked with a little lady with herbs who was very depressed for her whole life, cries easily, and has lots of fear. I started her on the sprays, Life Force, SNERF, Drainage and 9.1.1 and she came in 1 week later and said, 'This is the way - this is the answer!'" K.H., Las Vegas

"An abdominal flu was going around with nausea and diarrhea. I was suffering from lower abdominal cramps and diarrhea and used a couple of sprays of the Virus then 15 minutes later when I noticed a marked change in the cramping. I took it in another 30 t o 45 minutes later when I felt another twinge and pains were totally gone. Everyone else in the office was down with this for about 2 days, and I had no more symptoms." J.P., Las Vegas, NV

"I use Life Force for everything - especially anything on my skin that looks bad. I get these little skin tags and one got real big and driving me nuts. I kept putting on Life Force and one day I woke up and I felt for it and it had fallen off and there was nothing left. I had something on the back of my wrist where my watch was and it looked really ugly. I sprayed Life Force on and it scabbed over and was gone in about a month. Also, my husband woke up with a nosebleed and we could not get it stopped. I used 9.1.1 and it quickly stopped." V.P., Las Vegas, NV

"Every evening around 7:00 my husband would have a dry, hacking cough. He took 9-1-1 every 15 minutes and that evening it took care of the cough and it has never come back. I woke up with my body aching and weak -- flu-type symptoms. I started taking Cold/Flu about ll:00 a.m. every 15 minutes, and by 4:00 p.m. all symptoms were gone." C.P., Salt Lake City, Utah

"I gave my friend a bottle of MS who was diagnosed as having MS. He came by my shop 10 to 12 days after taking the MS formula 6 times daily and said he was feeling unbelievably better than he has felt in a long time." R.S., Indiana

"I have had water retention since the birth of my last child. I felt dizzy like I was going to fall over and had heart palpitations that tingled down to the tips of my fingers. I started Life Force, Drainage, Colosil Plus and 9.1.1 as needed taking them sometimes every 20 minutes. I do not feel hungry and want to eat things that are healthy for me. The irregular heartbeat when I laid down as well as the tingling has disappeared and I have only had one episode of feeling like I was going to fall over since I started taking these formulae 5 days ago." S.C., Front Royal, VA

"My friend came to visit and I noticed a bruise on the side of his leg that was about the size of the top of a teacup. He said it had been there for 6 to 8 weeks with no sign of disappearing. I gave him my bottle of Life Force and said to apply it topically 4 or more times daily. He left Sunday night and on Wednesday night -- 48 to 72 hours later -- he noticed it was gone. I asked him how often he was applying it and he said 2 to 4 times daily." R.S., Greenwood, Indiana

"My daughter broke her nose when younger and as a teenager we got it corrected. She was given Advil, and other painkillers but she did not take them. We gave her 9.1.1, Life Force and Skinergy which really helped the healing. The doctors were amazed how the swelling went down. She did not have to take any pain medication - not even one aspirin." San Diego, CA

"I work construction and am in the sun a lot. I got basal cell carcinoma on my bottom lip and the doctor burned 2 layers of skin off my bottom lip. If you have ever seen a cooked marshmallow, that is what it looked like. It would not heal and kept cracking open and bleeding. I used 9.1.1 (maybe a total of 30 sprays) and it healed very quickly. I am not a believer in alternative but this was quite convincing. A friend of mine saw how quickly it healed after I used 9.1.1 and asked where he could pick up a bottle." Fresno, CA

"I have been bald since my teens. I have to wear a hat all year round because of skin problems. I sprayed Skinergy on my head and 3 days later I noticed my head was smooth. I also had a skin growth on my chest about the size of a dime, which I sprayed with Skinergy maybe twice. Needless to say, it dried up and flaked off and completely normal skin was underneath. Since taking Regen, Life Force and SNERF I have found I have less body fat and more strength. I jumped on the bench press and easily did ten 135 pound bench presses after a considerable layoff and then did 10 more after that. My nature is such that I am programmed to endure whatever discomfort prevails, and the emotional stress that comes with that kind of mindset is counter-productive. With Stress Less it allows me to be more at ease with my accomplishments, even though they did not live up to my expectations. I am a pilot and read a lot. By the end of the day my eyes are shot and it is hard to read because it is blurry. I have had problems with my right eye not having the same sharpness as the left eye. At the end of the day since taking Life Force, my eyes are like a teenagers." T.H., Madison, Alabama

"I had just received my order of subtle energy formulae and burned my arm with my curling iron. I sprayed every 5 minutes alternately between 9.1.1 and Skinergy and by the third spray it was scabbed over." Dr. J., Las Vegas, NV

"I was diagnosed with MD and severe Osteoporosis. I received my formulae and used 9.1.1 every 5 minutes the first night. The pain in my back and ribs diminished immediately after 2 or 3 sprays. All I wanted to do was sleep and my energy has picked up and I am not sleeping during the day; yet at night I slept like a log. It has helped the blood sugar." C.D., Gilford, New Hampshire

"My son was in the hospital on a respirator, the machine was breathing for him. The oxygen was set at 100% on the machine, but his oxygen level was very low and getting worse. The doctor told us to have all the family members come in because he would not make it through the night. We had just received the sprays in the mail and took them to the hospital with us. His Dad and I started giving him the sprays. We watched the monitor registering his oxygen level, and every time we gave him the oxygen spray, his oxygen level came up. We could actually see his oxygen level rise a few seconds after giving the spray. After a couple hours he was maintaining a level of 96% to 100% with the spray. We stayed there all night giving him the sprays every 5 to 10 minutes at first. After a while we gave them to him every 15 to 30 minutes. By morning he was doing so well that they took him off the respirator and he continued to breathe for himself." M.H., New Jersey

"My clients with the Restless Leg Syndrome have been helped tremendously with 9.1.1. They will not go anywhere without it and can sit through movies, shows, lectures, with no problem whatsoever." JG, California

"Prior to getting back on the formulae, I felt like I was going to die and thought I was not going to last much longer. I was sleeping all day with no energy. I started back with 9.1.1 and felt much better. I started Life Force and Oral Chelation and quickly noticed more energy and sleeping less. I was still having hot flashes and started Endocrine and then I noticed my hot flashes diminished. I burned my hand in the oven and tried 9.1.1 and was amazed how quickly the pain and the redness went away. My granddaughter was visiting and had a headache and complaining about a pain in her neck and was going to take a Tylenol. I told her to try 9.1.1. It did not work the first 2 sprays but after 2 sprays 2 more times five minutes apart, the headache and pain in her neck was gone.

"I got a flu bug and the only way I could breathe was by using Oxygen. A couple of weeks I had a virus infection in both eyes and could not see it was so bad. I used 9.1.1 in the eyes and got relief. I had a spot on my ankle that itched and I scratched it and it got bigger and bigger until it reached the size of a silver dollar for 3 or 4 months. I started using the Oxygen on the spot and then 9.1.1, alternating between Oxygen and 9.1.1, and in 3 days it got better.

"I thought my 9-year old boxer dog was having a heart attack and gave him Oxygen and he came out of it. This has happened about 4 times. My dog used to get dermatitis all the time and I used 9.1.1 on it and it would allow him to stop scratching." J.H., Houston Texas

"I went to the doctor for strep throat when I was 22 or 23 years old and he told me I had a goiter. I have been taking herbs since then, which sometimes controlled it. My goiter was clear out to the end of my chin and I had no neck. If I bent my chin down it would get lost in the goiter. I could not wear shirts with collars or turtlenecks because of the irritation. I could not wear a necklace because the goiter covered it up. Since I have started taking the Thyroid formulae, in 2 months I have a neck and people notice. The goiter is not even the size of what it was. I used to pinch it and pull it out. The goiter on the right is so smooth and small that I cannot even put my fingers behind it except a little bit on the right. And I have only been on this for 2 months! I can't wait to see what it does in 4 months. I spray the Candida Formulae on my skin where I get blisters and they will crust up and fall off the same day." M.T., Altus, OK

"Before my period I have more digestive problems, especially if I eat out and have richer and heavier meals. If I use Digestion (2 or 3 sprays), it goes away pretty quickly. I also find if using the Heart formula on occasion a couple of times when my heart feels a little weak, it feels like it calms down my heart." RC, Chelan, WA

"I had an open sore on my ankle for 3 or 4 months that would not heal. It would get scaly and itch. I started using the Oxygen Formula and between the Oxygen and 911, it cleared it up within 10 days.

"My grandson was diagnosed with pneumonia and was having trouble breathing with short little breaths. He could not cry or he would start coughing. I started giving him 9.1.1, Oxygen, and SNERF. By the time his mother picked him up about 5 hours later, he was breathing a lot easier without short breaths. His mother was going to pick up a breathing machine with a liquid drug. She decided not to use it and kept giving him 911, Oxygen and SNERF. When she brought him back the next day he had color to his face, ate well, and was almost normal. He was less rattly and was coughing up phlegm.

"My sister's little girl got burned on the palm of her hand by an iron. The doctor said it would scar. I told her to use 9.1.1 so at least it would not hurt. The 9.1.1 took away the pain and there is no scare from the burn." J.H., Houston, TX

"I am really happy with the Rejuven8. I can tell it is doing good things for both of us. My husband is not sleeping as much, he is much brighter, and more alert." W.H., Washington

"My boyfriend was driving and was sideswiped by another car. His mother was in the car and really freaking out. My boyfriend had her open her mouth and sprayed 9.1.1 in her mouth. She asked, "What was that!" because within 10 seconds she calmed right down." R.C., Washington

"I love the Optimal Health Products. I just recently started using OHO's sublinqual sprays and can feel a good change in my body. I wanted to share with you that I have been using the Life Force and Rejuven8 topically on my face, as well as orally. I use on product in the morning and one in the evening. I believe that these wonderful products have helped bring a glow to my face. Thanks!" A.U., Henderson, NV

(DISCLAIMER: Most of these stories are from OHO members. These "testimonials" or product(s) should not be construed as a diagnosis, cure, treatment or prevention for any disease or physical malady. The formulae are solely intended to address the immeasurable subtle energy that permeates one's physical body. This information is provided, simply as examples of the successful experiences other members have obtained by using the formulae.

Be advised that neither this product(s) or statement(s) have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.)