It is well established within the realm of subtle energy therapeutics, that the composition of subtle energy within oneís subtle energy field can play a major part in the quality of oneís physical health. The subtle energy field is also referred to as oneís aura, subtle energy body, or subtle energy anatomy. This research indicates that by improving the flow of subtle energy within this field, one can often experience surprising physical benefits. Unknowingly we bring to us the subtle energy that can enhance or inhibit this subtle energy flow. An admirable goal would be threefold: (1) improve the quality of subtle energy, (2) improve the flow of subtle energy within, and (3) stop low quality subtle energy from coming into oneís subtle energy field. With this goal in mind, the following subtle energy formulae were created. Their effectiveness has been proven for over ten years by numerous health professionals. As well as seeing the physical improvement(s), benefits can also be demonstrated by using various subtle energy testing modalities. Rapid benefits can be seen within the subtle energy field by using Kirlean photography, Live Cell Analysis and oftimes personal experience. The following is a short description of the subtle energy formulae available to members of OHO.

LIFE FORCE -- A truly one-of-a-kind formula that provides a complex array of needed subtle energies. Why needed? A lack of these needed subtle energies actually allow disorder or entropy to occur within the subtle energy matrix of the cell. Thus allowing an increase in the "aging" process. Research indicates that the basal cell membrane, T-cells, condriana, and the organizing energy fields themselves thrive on high quality subtle energy. Life Force is a powerful subtle energy precursor to biochemical "anti-oxidants". Anti-oxidants (i.e. Vit. E, Vit. C, grapeseed extract...) are free radical scavengers and are considered key components in slowing the aging process. Life Force has proven to stand alone in its ability to bring order to the subtle energy chaos that precedes the physical manifestation. Once order is restored energetically, very positive and pleasing results may occur. Members have reported amazing results when used topically as well. Referred to as our "daily vibrational vitamin."

SNERF -- (Subtle Negative Energy Remedial Formula) -- Another unique formula designed to protect your subtle energy field from "negative" energies. SNERF disperses through out your own subtle energy field to form a protective barrier protecting you from disruptive energies that originate from your own mind, stress, or from the environment (especially good for environmentally challenged individuals). Members use SNERF in imaginative ways with great results. Excellent results are obtained when used daily with Life Force. The reason being is that Life Force provides while SNERF protects. A potent combination.

9-1-1 -- A formula designed to stop the ensuing subtle energy effect to oneís subtle energy body when trauma or a crisis occurs. This is very important since many sustained illnesses (i.e. RSD) can be traced back to one traumatic event. This trauma creates a window of opportunity for disrupting energies to come into our subtle energy field. 9-1-1 seeks to close this window. By stopping this disruptive energy, seemingly miraculous action may occur. 9-1-1 may be used in a vast array of situations. Great for stress, anxiety, children, bumps, bruises, bites, etc... practically anything. Since 9-1-1 addresses only the energetic effect, is totally safe for all applications. 9-1-1 is non-psychotropic. The uses are only limited to your imagination. One should always have 9-1-1 available at all times.

DRAINAGE -- Formulated to address the subtle energy needs of the lymphatics. Dr. Samuel West (The Golden Seven Plus One) and Joseph Carter (The Joy of Rebounding). We concur with his findings and recommend "Drainage" to be used in conjunction with detoxification programs i.e. colon therapy, intestinal cleaners, or to address acuteor chronic congestion issues. i.e. ear infections, nasal congestion, stuffy head... If you are unable to eat dairy products without suffering from exuding copious amounts of mucus or suffer from long standing allergies, Drainage used daily, may be the key element in getting rid of this lymphatic back-up that is a key factor in these conditions. An even better idea is to use Drainage daily with Life Force and SNERF to maintain peak performance. It is critical to get rid of the daily cellular waste that is created from normal metabolism. Unless you are eating a very "clean burning" diet i.e. raw fruits and veggie's... you are not completely eliminating the cellular residue that is left over from digestion. If you have a history of irregular elimination, Drainage is even more important. Enough cannot be said about the importance of using Drainage.

COLD/FLU -- Many people become incapacitated when a cold or flu "strikes," yet we found that when the Cold/Flu Formula is used when one feels the first signs, the problem often never becomes physically manifested when addressed at the subtle energy level.

COLOSIL PLUS -- The anti-bacterial benefits of silver have been touted for years. Colosil Plus has micro-amounts of silver, plus it has been induced with subtle energies to enhance its effectiveness. This allows Colosil Plus to be safely used daily without the toxicity issue when the situation warrants, i.e., systemic bacterial infections.

ENERGY BALANCE -- Chronic fatigue, burnout, hypoglycemia, job stress, improper sleeping habits, stimulates from food or drink, rock music or even watching movies or TV that puts you through an emotional rollercoaster... Research indicates all of these can create adrenal exhaustion. Once your adrenals are exhausted, you grave stimulants to get you going again. It is a vicious circle. Energy balance is formulated to address the adrenalsí subtle energy needs. Consistent supplementation with Energy Balance can help you get back to the real you. Once you are up and running again, Energy Balance is needed only on occasion. You will no longer need or grave stimulants.

ORAL CHELATION -- The name of this formula is somewhat misleading. It was developed due to the needs of patients that lived too far away from a clinic that was using the EDTA protocol. Hence the name. The Oral Chelation formula is based upon the research of Dr. Johanna Budwig. By addressing the formative subtle energetic factors in relationship to artherosclorotic plaque, very positive results may ensue. Unlike EDTA chelation which removes the calcium and minerals from the body, the Oral Chelation formula allows one to derive benefit similiar to EDTA while retaining the calcium and minerals that are so important. Of course, mineral homeostasis is vitally important in all stages of life. Oral Chelation was used within the clinic extensively excellent results for users of all ages. It is not limited to just individuals with circulatory. problems. Calcium absorption is vital at all stages of ones life. Two very important times are during childrens growth spurt years (growing pains) and post menopausal women (women have more heart "problems" than men. This is relative to the available calcium for the heart).

OXYGEN -- Much has been written about the benefits of "physical" oxygen (i.e., Ed McCabes Oxygen Therapies book, Bio-Techís "Vitamin O" report... ). Research has shown that the benefits of Oxygen can be received by using its subtle energy counterpart. (Oxygen from) OHO has been used extensively with great results with verification from oxygen monitoring equipment used in hospitals. Benefits were shown to be almost immediate! Great for everyday use. Especially appropriate for smokers, persons using bottled oxygen, atheletes or in any situation where there is a need for the benefits of immediate Oxygen is needed. Drainage formula is suggested to be used in situations where waste matter may be a result. (Wilhelm Reichís research indicates that stagnant cellular debris first must be eliminated for physical health to be obtained since the cellular debris, unable to be eliminated creates a problem in itself.)

PARASITES -- Research by Dr. Hulda Clark indicates that many physical maladies are related to parasites. Her research concludes that parasites probably have a "specific electrical attraction" to certain cells due to the cell's vibrational disequalibrium. (The Parasites formula address this vibrational issue.) Due to the probable parasitic die-off, we strongly suggest using Drainage when using the Parasites. An added benefit is that the effectiveness of any other parasite program you may be using will be enhanced.

ARTHRITIS -- Members who suffer with this condition report positive results using this formula. Members using LIGAMENTS/JOINTS, as well, appear to have even better results.

DIGESTION -- Proper digestion and elimination is essential for good nutrient uptake. Members report their digestive enzymes appear to work better and elimination improved. Remember, you are what you digest, not just what you eat! The Digestion formula lends energetic support to the pancreas and stomach as well.

ENDOCRINE -- The importance of the endocrine system (the ductless glands) and its impacts on one's physical well being cannot be overstated. As we age our hormonal balance is compromised and endocrine glands are energetically challenged to perform, especially menopausal women. Members consistently report back with very positive results. Highly recommended to be used daily for members reaching the "middle-years" and beyond.

HEART -- Members with genetic heart weaknesses i.e. irregular heart beat, shortness of breath, pain... After using HEART daily for short while, they report positive results and then only need to use HEART on occasion. Heart is designed to lend energetic support at the "genetic" level within the subtle energy field.

LIGAMENTS/JOINTS -- Members who suffer from joint discomfort from "pulling something out" or are active in sports will find . Members report positive results using this formula. Especially potent when used with 9-1-1 for those immediate needs.

PINEAL -- An important endocrine gland that has received quite a bit of notoriety via "melatonin." Books have been written touting how important its proper functioning is in relationship to many "aging"-related issues. A number of members use PINEAL daily or at night before bed to allow a more restful sleep. Members report they remember their dreams better as well. Best when used with ENDOCRINE.

PLEURISY -- Members reporting breathing difficulties appear to improve when PLEURISY is used. We suggest using the OXYGEN formula as well for best results.

SKINERGY -- Members who usually use Life Force for skin care have now switched to SKINERGY with overwhelming praise. Formulated specifically to address your skin's subtle energy needs and to energetically enhance moisture retention, SKINERGY has consistently allowed members to cut out their moisturizers and have noted their smile and laugh lines have softened or appear to be gone. SKINERGY also appears to be effective for a number of skin conditions that are attributed to over exposure to the sun.

ABUNDANCE -- Are you stuck in a "failure" rut? Does it seem like every time you are on the road to success, event(s) take place that appear to "come out of the blue" to bring you down yet again? Success and failure(s) are quite often due to the "magnetic" energy that we exude out from ourselves. No amount of self-help books will work unless you address the subtle energy pattern that is attracting these events to you! Like a record where it's needle is stuck and the same "spot" is playing over and over... The Abundance formula is designed to do address the energetic record that is playing over and over. To accelerate the benefits of Abundance even more, programming your mind to see yourself as the success you want to be will work wonders! When you start to see and act successful, you are placing into your subtle energy field the necessary energy that will draw to you the events that will manifest these thoughts! The more often you "see" yourself successful, the faster the results! The Abundance will help you along the path!

BIOBALANCE -- Balance between the anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria within the biological terrain is essential for optimal health. Imbalance can weaken ones immune system unless it's kept in check. This biological balance can be enhanced by washing your hands a few times a day and keeping ones bacteria laden hands and fingers away from ones nose and eyes. Years ago, Dennis Seaton correlated these "self-inoculations" of bacteria via the fingernails to the bodies albumin count. The longer living individuals were shown to have higher albumin counts compared to the less healthier, immune-system compromised individuals. The importance of hand washing has been confirmed within the last few years to such an extent that a number of "antibacterial" soaps have been introduced to the mainstream public. Surprisingly enough, the latest research implicates the overuse of these antibacterial soaps are causing the bacteria to mutate into more virulent strains thus making antibiotics ineffective. The important aspect of this issue is not to kill these bacteria but to create a biological terrain that will maintain a healthy balance between the two! Seaton's research clearly indicated this and today's research is now confirming this "balancing" approach is the best way! Remember to wash your hands without using antibacterial soap and keep your hands away from your face and use BioBalance to accelerate the process.

BRONCHITIS -- This is an obvious condition that the Bronchitis formula has been designed to address. Again, Drainage is suggested to be used as well.

CANDIDA -- Many individuals, especially women, experience various levels of this "yeast" related problem. Research indicates that many people that suffer from "candida" have a history of antibiotic abuse. Quite often, this overuse of antibiotics started in early childhood innocently enough yet continued on during adolescence causing such a weakened immune system that the normal balance of candida albicans was compromised. Thus began for many people, a miserable existence that includes various symptomatic problems. If you are one of these people that have been diagnosed with "candida", you know from whence I speak. The Candida formula is meant for you. Drainage is suggested as well.

CHEMKLEER -- We live in a sea of chemicals. This is a fact of life. A number of books have been written about how toxic our environment is. Even our automobiles and homes are out-gassing chemicals from the carpets, paint, glues in the particle board...etc... Many people have become aware of how sensitive they are and our struggling to find an answer to this multi-faceted problem. ChemKleer used with Drainage just may be the answer you are seeking. SNERF is great too for the environmentally challenged!

REJUVN8 -- Much has been written about the benefits of the human growth hormone yet due to the very expensive cost of the injections, only a handful of people could afford them. Rejuvn8 has shown many members that you can have similar benefits at an incredible savings! More energy, increased muscle tone, less fatigue when exercising, needing less sleep, weight loss, eyesight improvement and more just from using this one formula. The price of Rejuvn8 is so low that you can't afford not to try it!

IMMUNE -- A strong immune system is critical to maintaining optimal health in the world today. We are more exposed to known and unknown immune compromising agents than ever before. Immune is formulated to help you maintain your immune system in a unique way that has proven to be quite effective for many members. Long standing situations have improved dramatically as well as the acute times...i.e. flu, viruses, or any of the "seasonal" problems that strike adults and children. Immune should be used daily for the individual already experiencing a long standing problem or used in combination with the appropriate formulae when an emergency occurs. Immune is vitally important before, during and after any hospital visits. It is a well known fact that a number of fatal infections are contracted when one is hospitalized for even minor reasons. It appears that antibiotics have proven to be unable to effect them. Be strong by using Immune before something happens. (See Tetra as well.)

TETRA -- The power of subtle energy cannot be refuted when Tetra is used. Systemic bacterial conditions i.e. kidney infections, urinary tract, sinus, strep throat, name it. Remember when we needed to drink copious amounts of cranberry juice and vit.c and hoped to see good results? Usually within 12-36 hours the "situation" is no longer apparent. With Tetra, things can change real fast!

STRESSLESS -- Stress is claimed to be the factor in suppressing the immune system. StressLess is formulated for todays fast paced living. If you don't have the time or inclination to slow down and smell the roses, StressLess may be your answer.


The above formulae are designed to address only the subtle energy aspect of oneís physical body. Of course, the rapidity of results depends upon the individual and the multi-faceted reason for the condition(s) to exist in the first place. The formulae are not homeopathic nor are they based on Royal Riff's MORís (mortal oscillating rates). They are based upon the fact that we exist in a sea of multi-dimensional energies that have a profound effect upon our physical bodies. The formulae work by providing the subtle energy field with certain beneficial subtle energies while protecting it from others. Health professionals that work with subtle energy therapeutics consistently find their protocols to be more effective and longer lasting.

We invite you and your clients to experience the benefits by becoming a member today (membership by referral only)! It's free to join and so is the call:


(PLEASE NOTE: The technology and specific vibratory composition of the SEF is proprietary and cannot be discussed. There is no animal, pesticide(s), herbicide(s),fungicide(s) or preservatives of any kind used. For in-depth research and validation, see the "links" section. The complex formulae composition and its targeted area is what makes SEF formulae so unique. Another reason for their effectiveness is that the water is cleared of its memory as well before the induction process begins. Also, from start to finish, every step is done by hand with no bottling or labeling mechanization used. Thus ensuring one of receiving the highest quality possible. Again, be aware that the formulae "target" areas exist only within the subtle energy field and not the biochemical or physical. Formulae composition is based upon established research and its subtle energy relationships. No curative therapeutic claims for any specific physical condition(s) can or will be made.)

The above Formulae are made available only to OHO members and health professionals. No curative claims are made or implied. Results may vary. Members are advised that this information is for educational purposes and is for members eyes only and is not to be distributed.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. The above described is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.